Team 1

Genetics Team:

CBDINC’s Genetics Team has over 40 years experience in breeding and cultivating hemp.  Each professional has been actively involved in the hemp industry for decades in the USA and Europe. Running large scale farming and breeding operations, creating award winning strains, as well as forming respected Seed Banks in Europe; C.I.A. and THSeeds and in the United States; La Plata Labs. Our geneticists are winners of many cups and awards, including but not limited to; the “Breeder Hall of Fame”, as well as holding “Top10 Strain” status in 2004, 2006, 2014, 2015. We are bringing that experience and those accolades plus their proprietary genetics to you through CBDINC seed operations.

Team 2

Adam Dunn

Geneticist / Breeder

Team 3


Propagation Technician

Farm Teams:

CBDINC farm teams have generations of farming experience in both Colombia and Puerto Rico.  They have managed thousands of hectares of organic farm land as well as dozens of greenhouse grows and propagation facilities from seed through flower. Maintaining a diverse selection of crops including Aloe Vera, flowers, fruits and vegetables. We have gathered their decades of agricultural expertise into CBDINC’s hemp farming operations.


Team 4

William Zapata

Head Colombia Operations

Team 5

William Zapata Jr.

Head of Horticulture

Team 6

Jose Zapata

Farm Manager

Team 7

Andreas Rincon

Field Manager

Puerto Rico:

Team 8

Pablo Sanchez

Head Operations

Team 9

Andreas Gonzalez

Farm Manager

Team 10

Royston Lowe

Chief Engineer

Team 11

Jesse Hernandez

Production Manager

Extraction Team:

Team 12

Michael Boughton

Organic Chemist

Team 13

Blass Tanner

Distillation Specialist

Team 14